Who Are We?

We are a church for all generations; a community of people striving to follow Jesus. We welcome you to join us as we worship with a blend of traditional worship expressions reinterpreted for a new generation. We don’t have it all figured out. We mess up a lot, but we embrace the grace extended to us through Jesus Christ and embrace new beginnings. We welcome you to join us on the journey!

What You Can Expect:
Our building is a place for worship
On Sunday, we gather primarily to focus our attention on God, offering our thanks and praise in song and prayer. We ponder God’s word, receiving both blessing and inspiration, and are sent out into the world to practice what we’ve learned.


We place value in learning and transformation of heart, mind, body, and soul
We study the Bible because it informs our intellect. The better we understand its contents, the more it can guide us spiritually. We expect God’s living word to transform our lives even though we confess that we sometimes resist change.
We believe that the Bible is relevant and exploring it responsibly is a fruitful endeavor.
We offer programs and ministries for adults, youth, and children which include (but are not limited to):
Theological discussion groups, reading groups, book studies, Bible studies, Mission and Outreach opportunities (both within and outside the community), youth retreats, camps, and Vacation Bible School.


We enjoy fellowship and fun
Our opportunities for fellowship help the members of our church family discover new friends, some with the same outlook on life and some with a different outlook. We are people of different backgrounds, cultures, and interests who share mutual respect for our differences and a genuine concern for each others’ welfare. Let us include you in this family venture.


Worship in our church is seen as a launchpad for service
As the body of Christ in the world, we accept our mission to be His hands and feet reaching out in service to others, be it in our neighborhoods or in other parts if the world. We join with United Methodists worldwide in service to our neighbors across the globe.


There’s a place for you at Monroe United Methodist Church. We meet every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. for worship.